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About the London Vision Development Centre

Dr. Khamis grew up in Kincardine, Ontario and went on to complete his Bachelor of Science with Honors from the University of Waterloo.  He then went on to complete his Doctor of Optometry at the University of Waterloo, School of Optometry where he graduated on the dean’s honor list.  After completion of his O.D degree, Dr. Khamis furthered his education by completing a one year, optional extensive residency program in Family Practice with an emphasis on Ocular disease at Northeastern State University (NSU) in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.   An avid sportsman himself, Dr. Khamis also developed a keen interest in vision therapy and sports vision where he lectured and supervised students at NSU.  He served as the faculty advisor for sports vision at NSU working with both college and Olympic athletes as well as patients who have suffered traumatic brain injuries.   Dr. Khamis is excited to accept all new patients at the innovative London Vision Development Centre to perform vision therapy- neuro-visual rehabilitation and sports vision for children and adults with (but not limited to) vision problems that interfere with school performance, crossed, wandering or lazy eyes as well as neuro-optometric rehabilitation for traumatic brain injuries such as concussions.  He will also be providing sports vision for athletes seeking an edge through visual performance.

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